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     The primary activity of our company is a production of equipment for licence numbers manufacturing.“Rotak” limited liability company was established in 1993. Thanks to permanent technological development and improvement of quality of the goods, “Rotak” limited liability company was able to occupy the leading position in the market segment of producing and selling of the equipment for licence numbers manufacturing in Russia. More than 200 companies in 55 regions of the Russian Federation have bought and are successfully using the equipment, produced by “Rotak” limited liability company.

1. Transfer line for producing licence number plates meant for processing of metal tape and film material to make plates, which are used for producing licence numbers.

Manufacturing capability of the line is up to 20 plates per minute.

Power supply: 380 V.

Overall dimensions: length 15 m, width 3 m, height 1.8 m, weight 1800 kg.



2. Electrohydraulic press meant for forming embossed licence number symbols on a flat aluminum plate. It is completed with changeable symbols and a special device for fixing them in a required position. 

Manufacturing capability (plates per hour) 60

Power supply: 220 V

Overall dimensions: length 720 (mm), width 500 (mm), height 1220 (mm), Weight (kg) 285



3. Hot stamping machine meant for painting formed licence number symbols by using hot stamping foil.

Manufacturing capability (pieces per hour) 390

Power supply: 220 V

Overall dimensions: length 1110 (mm), width 410 (mm), height 680 (mm), Weight (kg) 75



     The company’s experts can secure production and delivery of the equipment both in a complete set for whole work cycle and elementwise, for accomplishment of individual operations. Besides, they can implement any equipment developing according to the customer’s individual demands.